Spring Training #4 Lost with Confidence

Ok, so this site has lot's of links on the right side of page, and various posts of info below. Keeping with my promise I will continue to share this year's spring training thoughts, plan.

I admit, I miss my training log but tracking every ride has gotten old even for me, an analyst geek. This year I'm totally losing real time history. Going on feel. For the first time since 2005 I'm not tracking my volume (hours x percieved exertion x abitrary factor). I'm not logging hours. Instead trying to justify no tracking with going by phase, pulse, & cycles(PPC) feel/need. Grand experiment for the accomplished self coach!!

I'm convinced what you miss, you make up in quality later....to a point. I noticed over the years with family, school, work, ect ect....I miss a lot of days. I'm convinced after a miss PPC quality is better if your focused, recovered and push to goals. WANT IT SMART. I rest on confidence since I ride every ride with purpose - it works out. This is the ultimate tomfoolery confidence year. Will it work?

I park at the farthest spot at work, walk, feeling what my legs are saying. There's a confidence and questionable thought process that justifies hurting muscles vs. muscles ready ache. Likewise a mental break need vs. get off my lazy ass. Injury risk vs. development. Eating right vs. insianity and protien needs. I compare what I think I feel (vs. my last years log) to what type of training I need forawrd. Once I have a base built I abuse and recover with future races, injury risk, and mental happiness in mind.  .

I've missed many days lately but had good PPC's. I have a good base. The goal is to hammer in some force and vo2max before the race season starts (like in two weeks!!). I have this weekend warrior effort left.....then weekly sprint races start and yeah that 100mi mtb race. Perfect endurance, VOmax and self force training abuse the May goal. Any noted miss or screw ups I'll recover by CX season. Meanwhile all good until first race results!

Confidence, looking back on prior year logs, and summer finally here in MN....I can abuse myself big time this month, and still hit a strong July peak. I promise myself to rest when that certian ache feeling starts or obviously beat down.  :)

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