Spring Training#6 Works For Me Coach

This will be my last Spring Training Post....see below fotr posts #1-#5. I just placed 4th overall at a 100mi MTB race.... on my SS. I'm on track this year no doubt. I'm in the force and train like the races mode. July I will peak. My spring thought process below. blah bla bla.

I see tons of views. Guess you like? Forget what I say, look on the right and read those articles. And figure out what works for you coach. Not too much more to say really...

So it works for me. Cycles, Phases and Pulses to get the base. Then work toward training like upcoming races (force, muscle & race mimics). Rest, miss work outs but ride with purpose when you do get out. Have fun. It's about quality fatigue cycles too. Recovery. Repeat. Be honest to your machine.

I'm too busy with non-biking life to be a 20hr a week work-horse. So it's all timing.

On topic of Supercompensation I know what brings on my "performance." The cost of rest/active recovery worth it (fun) vs. over digging too deep a hole.

Keep in mind I've been doing this for a while, your different and require different tatics. On those lines, here's an intersting topic to follow....

Have Fun!

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