Joel Friel, November E-tips 2007

Ya Know, my base training has always been Z2 & Z3 based. That LSD didn't make sense to me(at least the slow part). I figure as long as you can go "steady" at least an hour & a half or more (exceed your glyco stores) your good at "whatever" pace. Bottom line, when I feel that deep expentidure of fuel and deep satisfaction followed by late day recovery sweats, I know I'm adapting torward my goals. Read Lactate Treshold article, in fact read all the web links and you will be on your way coach...... Hey Joel, I knew it, z2/z3 mix. BTW where did ya go???? If this glyco and adaption talk makes no sense, go buy the MTB'ers Training Bilble or again, read all the links bro. Caution, work up to your base. What I mean is, don't go too hard if you can't maintian for near 2 hours. It may take months or years to maintain a faster pace for 2 hrs. So if you can't maintain, it ain't base training.....

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Never knew this was an Olympic event until this AM.