Get in a Cycle (spring training#1)

Pun intended. It's spring 2011 and you not getting in shape yet....take a few weeks of melllow exercise and prepare to RIDE!!!!!!!

ONE: Over the years I moved from heart rate monitor and tracking miles, to tracking percieved intensity...intern volume, and now after figuring much about myself.....I just ride in cycles.

TWO: IT'S ALL ABOUT BUILDING A MACHINE. Ride long now, suffer a bit to get into ready. Pump your heart up slow. Then long. Toxins out. You body will adapt. Eat right protein, fruit, veggie. When ready...force/muscle it. And then add intensity/pace.     TWO+: If your good to yourself you will know the cycle ups and rest weeks (or days). It's your cycle. Get on then rest up. repeat. It's not about miles it about periods of volume. Read my posts.

My feeling is you must do paragraph ONE then attempt TWO for a year before you go free ball into paragraph TWO.

You'll see. Read on...