Spring Training#5: Fatigue again

Ok, so this site has many links on the right side of page and various posts of info below. Keeping with my promise I'll continue to share this year's spring training thoughts, plan.

What happened with blogger, where did this post go? I'll try it again.

Basically I highlighted my real race season is starting this week with many races each month, and then cross season. Although I've missed multiple days in a row on the bike, I did enough trampoline, backyard tile work and gym work to keep it honest. I think mixing it up is great for the core and muscle development. Status: I've gained base fitness, at a fatigue status, next developing VO2max racing.

   Recent history after missing multiple days biking.:
      Tuesday Gym moderate stress
      Wednesday 1/2 hour trainer
      Thursday 2 hour hard SS gravel
      Friday 1/2 hour trainer
      Saturday 2 hr fast, good hills pace work MTB dirt
      Sunday no ride but 1/2hour+ trampoline, heavy yard work
      Monday 1/2 hour trainer
      Tuesday AM 1hour commute, PM 1hr pace work in hot temps
      Wednesday 1/2 hour light trainer

I listed out the last phase which consisted of hard efforts on the bike every one or two days, a few two hour pace efforts and various other activities as mentioned in paragraph above. Although didn't find time to bike as much as wanted, I feel FATIGUE. It was a few days active recovery before first race, expected some pain!

First race was last night. 52 minutes of MTB sprinting at local ski hill. I placed 7th of 50, about par with last year. I improve beyond base to better results over the next few weeks. Since I haven't been honing the VO2max fitness no surprise I was yo yo'ing off 4th place the first half of the race. It was awesome lung busting fun.

I'm planning to race into top end shape.Time is on my side, it's a long summer and cx season way off. I'm where I want to be. I'll design one more build 3 week cycle after I see how next race goes. My legs are a bit taxed now, I need to let them reset, revive mentally for another hard build sequence (tricky as racing in itself is a build period early each year)..........

Oh one last thing, I also noted to look at Auto Regulatory and Overcompensation links on the right. I'm thinking more about that topic latley. Now if blogger will stay stable and not delete this post...we'll be good. Stay healthy!!!

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