Spring Training#3 Sore!

Ok, so this site has lot's of links on the right side of page, and various posts of info below. Keeping with my promise I will continue to share this year's spring training thoughts, plan.

Last post shared plan was to basically abuse myself with a big multiday phase. I found over the years once I work through "kinks" prepared for hard exercise, I can hit it.

"Kinks:" yeah every year during base volume period I seem to have ass, elbow, knee, back, shoulder, nuts, mental pains you name it pains...gingerly I recover and ease through it. The more i age the more doubt and suspect...but this last phase proved I coached myself into another good season start.

Thurs-  2 hr z2/3 respectable SS 44x16 cx tires flat gravel path effort
Friday-  1/2 hour misc trainer & gym. Gym, couldn't run because back tight from moving bro, but moderate leg work. Played it safe as I knew big Sunday coming.
Saturday-  first day on dirt!! SS 34x18 on hilly course 1.5 hrs. Many Z2 to VOMax efforts. Awesome fun.
Sunday-  Hard one way into wind solo SS effort on complete gravel flats 4.5 hours, felt strong but got beat down!
Monday-  trainer 30 min at lunch to flush, light effort. Hate trainer.
Tuesday-  Gym, running varied 20min and hard leg work. Now I hurt!
Wednesday-  recover, nothing

Thursday- I hope to glide trough a 2 hour SS roadie type effort
Friday- transition day, ride to how I feel. Evening fun ride planned.
Saturday- hope to find time to hit the hills, or hard 3 hrs, at leadst 2.
Sunday- bonus day if i can get out. Set the alarm, race on. motivate.
Monday- make it hurt to make up for whatever this phase didn't offer.

Concerned- Vo2 Max train? make mid-May race season hurt less.
Recover, more training for 100mi MTB race in Mid-may
Kinks out, basically base trained+, ready for xc race abuse


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