Spring Training #2

Ok, so this site has lot's of links on the right side of page, and various posts of info below. Keeping with my promise I will continue to share this year's spring training thoughts, plan.

Last post I explained my thoughts on phases, pulses and cycles. We'll I've had interesting things happen since. I was in the hospital on a Tuesday before a 111mi Saturday gravel race. Stomach pain galore, like a kidney stone. I don't frequent the hospital and let's hope that never happens again. Anyway, it messed up my week and that training race. I had enough power to get 5th in KOM points at beginning of race but had issues remainder of race. It's that time of year when odd body pain, adaption and funk happens in older fools! :) Anyway that hospital thing was weird. This spring has been a snowy hard one to bag base miles.

Generally I still need base miles (for all these reasons), but also have a 100mile "MTB" race coming in May. The point is I'm always thinking about what type of training I need and recovery. It's a tough time of year, base miles needed but eager to start training on the MTB frame.....and dirt. Push but recover and not get hurt...

MINDSET backwards: I was in the hospital for a day. Related mindset and life kept me off the bike for a week! I had a bad 111mi gravel race. The xc season is screaming nearer. Its's all fun, no panic as I've had big breaks in spring before (all tracked on my old logs).

MINDSET forward: It appears I ussually get 30 hours on bike in April. I can do it(mental boost!!)   I still need base, need MTB body position for 100mi MTB race sustianability, need to build on base with force soon, eventually need intensity efforts.

PLAN (phase needed): Back on bike between busy family schedule. Getting two hour shots in on the MTN frame, 44x16 SS CX tires at steady gravel/road pathways work pace, some hills and push efforts. Want 30 bike hours this month. Have a 5 hour ride w/heavey pack on planned. Big Phase (multi-day) workouts weekend will end with base ride. 1 moderate gym session (not a build, not to get sore) during 4 day phase for extra volume. This phase will push my body a bit but I won't hurt myself!!

NEXT: Once a week races start two weeks into May the 100mi MTB race is mid May too.... So after April phase recovery....with spring weather to motivate, will fit in some hill/intesity effort. I want to feel some vo2 max pain and force then recover before May races. Intensity build, and real xc race abilities will come by just racing and "after" the May beat down recovery.... July I always reap benifits and peak....later on that plan. Also in the back of my mind is CX season peak.


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