Periodization Graphing and Planning

I absolutley buy into measuring percieved exertion, volume and increasing loads over time. Periods of increase then recovery then more increases then recovery, repeat. I have great graphs (visual) aids from data gathering that really helps me. While I don't map out a weekly plan per-se', I loosley target a result as shown below. It's enough to keep me on-track. See what data I track? Can you tell when intensity overcame volume? Tracking your ride data is critical to learning and riding with a focus!!!!


nickel said...

I just had a quick Q about perceived exertion. For the most part, I have been recording exertion based on HR numbers but I am unsure how to do the same for weightlifting? Do you just use PE?

Heath said...

I have a formula for P.E. which is simply hours x PE Rating x 10.

Example: 2 hours x 8 rating x 10 = 160. I measure PE by bike event, average and total for the week.

I measure the HR watch output in one column, my total PE calc in another, total week, then wk ave hours too.

Weight lifting time is captured in a completley different area, but is keep it in mind to compare/plan vs. weekly biking. Later for maint.

Interesting thought, perhaps measuring weight lifting PE should be directly included with bike time. That is, add it into total week PE volume directly. Hmmmmm. NO, I beleive each activity should be measured seperate then added later for total weekly activity checks.

As lang as you track it and consider with your other measures, you will begin to get a read on your total volumes your body is put through.

A baseline activity measurement is all you need to begin to learn where you are at or think you are.

Over time you'll just know/plan proper steps in relation to activity volume.


nickel said...

Okay great. I think it's a great idea to measure both separately since you should see one going down and flatline (weightlifting max to maintenance) while the other should go up, right (base to build)?

I haven't been doing PE for my bike workouts but I will start so I can have a better comparison.

Do you keep your hours separated too or do you do weights+bike = weekly hours? Sorry for all the questions.

Heath said...

Perceived Exertion (P.E.) should be used as an independant variable then combined with TIME determine your dependant output, VOLUME. Yeah PE means nothing unless in the context of VOLUME.


There's more to it than just PE. It's VOLUME your asking of your body. You can't accuratly measure what your body is going through simply by PE alone.

Measure VOLUME by event, for the week, weekly average and over many weeks. Then when you are tired or fresh, you will start to learn why....as related to recent VOLUME.

Also, there are times short high intensity is needed and times when low intensity long periods make sense per training outing. PE can also help alert when you are tired or getting stronger.

As far as making PE a linear factor, I disagree. I won't comment on weight lifting because it's personal how you phase. Bike training is personal too. I will admit that in prior years, early in the year my PE was lower and TIME was higher. I no longer have the same approach early in the season. It's mixed to my needs and what benifits "me" personally. We are all different. Yes base miles are important for muscular and circulatory development. Capture and note your VOLUME as outlined above, it's the only way to baseline what your are asking your body to do over time...