Dear Diary,

Thursday and Friday were my first two painfully happy road rides of 2007.

Putting the HR monitor on was almost as tough as getting on the bike knowing a chilly stupid studded tire Minnesota road ride was ahead. It was then, with said first ride, the yearly argument of time and motivation would be settled.

Soon I was not cold, just breathing and turning those familiar circles. Oh how wishful pace gave high heart rates.

Pain on many levels taunted motivational reasoning. Words like steady, grimace and grit we're logged. The bike seat and other ergonomic problems pressured. Still in a simple sense it was enjoyable for all the mechanics and freedom biking brings.

Yet at some point on each ride there was more. So much more. As air, blood and road mixed to create recorded data, the thought of goals sparked something huge..........hammering in an adreneline intoxication...........my eyes opened again as they have before.

2007 WILL be a biking year like no other!!!!

The only two arguments that matter:
1. Every year with additional circles on my odometer of fun.............confidence, circulation and performance increase.
2. Knowledge and focused training created increases last year greater than previous yoy results.

Motivational flashbacks of success, learnings and accomplishment were soon erased with 2007 goal focus.

There is no reason 2007 will not produce results desired.

I Believe. I must ride. I will meet my goals.

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Horner said...

Heith, I know what you mean about a structured training plan. My cycling fitness is far ahead of what it was at the end of last season. Now my only decision is whether to jump to Expert or give it a year in Comp. Oh BTW thanks for the book, it has helped tremendously.