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This is mainly taken from Joel Friel's Mtn Bike Training Bible. I altered for me. You need to go buy book and digest, and learn your zones. It's key to learn how to cater to your needs and always ride with focus. If a season goal is a race over 30 miles, you may have a tricky balance between longer and shorter intensity training rides. These are more for shorter XC races than enurance but helpful either way non-the-less!

First thing before doing these
build a solid base, ease up over months to longer rides. WARNING: you may want to see your Doctor before doing any of these. Seriously. Since these are sort of progressional, getting to the high levels straight away is not realistic. Some areas may be harder than others for you. This being my 3rd year race training I'll now, finally, hope to have a realistic chance at upper items. Tough stuff. CAUTION: Don't overtrain! Back off or recover often to get feel of your body & mental needs.


(Z1<138) (Z2-140/152) (Z3-152/160) (Z4-158/170) (Z5a-169/172) (Z5b-173/178) (Z5c-179+)

E1: RECOVERY: - (Z1) - 15-30min not on excel all periods

E2: ENDURANCE: - (Z2) - seated on uphills, high norm cad, all periods

F1: HILLY ENDURANCE: - (Z4/5a) - several minute climbs, 60 rpm, E&F all periods

F2: B GEAR CLIMBS: - (Z5a/5b) - Steep 1-2m climbs, 50-60rpm stop if knee issues, 6-30min total, F, Bs3-B1

S1: SPIN UPS- (Zn/a): - downhill or tailwind lighter resistance, gradual inc of rpm over 30 sec to max w/o bounce, all non-build

S2: ISOLATED LEG: - (Zna) - all non-build

S3: FIXED GEAR: - (Z2-Z3) - road bike, 90 rpm or higher, flat no wind, E,F,S, all non-build

S4: FORM SPRINTS: - (Zna) - 6-10 sprints of 10 seconds, normal sprint gear, focus on form, do alone, Bs2- Bs3

S5: OFF ROAD HANDLE: - (lowZ or low power) – work on skills in park then trail, Bs1-Bs2- Bs3

M1: TEMPO: - (Z3) - flat road, 20-60min, avoid traffic stop areas, stay aerodynamic body, Bs2- Bs3

M2: CRIUSE INTs: - (Z4-Z5a) - flat, 3-5 ints 6-12m ea. (start 4x6), TT rpm, 2-3m recover easy, listen2body, Bs3, B1, B2, P, R

M3: HILL CRIUSE INTs: - (Z4-Z5a) - “do 2-3 M2 first………TT rpm or lower” listen2body, Bs3, B1, B2, P, R

M4: CRISS-CROSS THRESHOLD: - (lowZ4 to highZ5a) – ride 20-40m alt btwn zones every 3-5m, TT/aero, B2, P

M5: THRESHOLD: - (Z4-Z5a) - 20-40m TT, listen2body, relax, aero, monitor rpe, do3x M2’s before attempt, B2, P

M6: SHIFTING CRIUSE INTs: - (z4z5a 60sec then z5b 30sec) cruise int. but shift btwn gears. TT rpm, max 30min tl., B2, P, R

A1: ANAEROBIC ENDURANCE INTs: - (Z5b) – flat no stops, 4-6 ints 5min ea., high rpm race like, ease spin recover, B1, B2, P, R

A2: PYRAMID INTERVALS: - (z5b) – A1 but 1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1 min. long, recover equal to previous/easy spin, flat road, B1, B2, P, R

A3: HILL INTERVALS: - (5b) – steep off-road hill 3-5min., 4to6 climbs, seated, higher than norm rpm, spin down easy, 9-18mT, “ “ “ “

A4: LACTATE TOL REPS: - (Zna) –starts, slight uphill or wind, high pow accel, 3-5sets 30/40 sec. rpm+, 6m max, later12m, 48hrs, 1/2wk max, B2, P

A5: LONG HILL REPS: - (60 sec. Z5b sit then 30 sec. Z5c stand), sit Z5b then shift to higher gear stand to Z5c, all high rpm, B2, P

A6: RACE SIMULATION: - (Zna…race relevant) race with friends, if fresh employ race tactics, B2, P, R

A7: TIME TRAIL: - (Zna...A race relevant) terrain and conditions like race, 10-20minute loop, do 40min, recover 5/10m, B2, P, R

P1: JUMPS: - (Zna) 3-5 sets of 5 jumps, 15-25 tl., explosive power frm 1st stroke, 10-12 rpm each leg, stand, high rpm, B1, B2, P, R

P2: HILL SPRINTS: - (Zna) on or off road hill, 8-12 sprints, 8-10 sec., flying start, power into, stand through, 5min recover, B1, B2, P, R

P3: CRIT SPRINTS: - (Zna) short loop off road, tight corners, 6-9 sprints, 25-35 sec., incl 1 or more corners, 5m spin recover, B2, P, R

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