Core & Gym Work

CORE: Must have strong mid-section. Your middle is your crowbar. Leverage to pedals requires strong mid regardless if you got gears or not.

STRENGTH THROUGH WEIGHTS or BIKE: I use the weight room at work and do odd home reps, not buying a gym membership ever!!!

To ensure weight room transfer to bike, bike often and be careful of overtraining.

UPDATE: "weights article" web link on right has on-bike or off-bike tips. I find single speed seated climbs and standing a great way to tweak you butt, back, arms, shoulders and core. No SS, put a heavey pack on. Be careful not to tweak, get out of your comfort zone....when ready, baby steps!


Nickel said...

Did you ever figure out a weights/core routine?

Heath said...

Actually I did find a routine. After my Dec 2006 hernia operation I felt the need hit the weight room (a new thing for me).

Anyway, simply put, in the past I used my Single Speed alot pre-season on the road, staying seated on tough hills. In 2007 Jan/Feb I did 12 sessions of weight room, various key muscle areas: 1 wks adaption, then 2 wks work, 1 wks max. Then all bike. I'll do more this year pre March and maybe some maintanance in 2008...depends on your age ect.

If I know what your after and your history I can elaborate more.

Also check out the mtb training bible or

I do plan to update this site someday with my latest learnings.

I need to elaborate on each year, the focus and learnings of each to fully share progression. One goes through much to adapt and progress..... Maybe I'll coach more than just myself someday. Heath

Anonymous said...

I am doing my first race on June. The last few weeks I have been doing Spin Class (at the gym) in order to get in better shape. Does anyone have any experience with if this really helps. The instructor kicks my butt and keeps it varied (spin/hill/hi resistence etc). The class is 1 hour. I am doing it 2x a week, then riding hard on the weekends.

Heath said...

all spinning of any type helps. Just don't fry your muscles, recover as needed!!