More About Me

Basically I'm your typical high energy, always have been hyper-outdoor-active guy. Climbing, snowboarding, many hikes and many individual challenges over many years gave me ability. Multi-pitch climbing when younger, on-site flash 5.11's, long triad 10's. Snowboard nationals in 91' etc.. With historical higher intensity base, focus & some a-typical gifts, MTB'ing fits now. Year 2010, 44. Married, kids, going to school to finish my MBA, FT employed, you know the drill. Looking back on 4 years of bike training logs I now generally put in 15-40 hours of training a month. That's it. Maybe this is the year to do more! Sound familiar?

My training is focused. I gain up to 10lbs in the Winter, but still ride a few times a week. Last 2 years started doing gym work. I eat better to start a new year and into Summer. I learned a great deal about base miles from Joel Friel and agree with much of his information(godd place to start). Yet, I've never followed his specific work outs.

I never do pyramids, cross-cross or one leg stuff. Many road base miles early season to adapt, many SS rides for force and much variety of high intensity works for me. Recovery, fuel, periodization and "focused" rides bodes well. Anyway, for what it's worth you have info from paleo diet to workout ideas, take what works. I be no expert, just a pro (ha). Do put in the multi-hour base miles early season for sure. Give it two seasons of effort to realize adaption momentum........

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