Latest Additions to Training Blog

Below are a few places to start. Post up if questions or want to see something in particular. I get an e-mail when comments pop-up.

JAN 10: MOUNTIAN ATHLETE TRN'ing, core beatdowns, link on right
JAN 10: AT ALTITUDE, updated with new link
Jan 10: MORE ABOUT ME post below
Jan 10: THRESHOLD idea active.com, link on right
Jun 09: AUTOREGULATION/COMPENSATION 2 articles on-right
Mar 09: WHO's FAT AGAIN comments update.
Mar 08 BASE TRAINING: link on right, Joel Friel Nov 07'
Oct 08: INSANITY in repeat: yoy pic update
Mar 08: PALEO DIET for ATHLETES: blog post below
Mar 08: TRACKING PE: blog post w/formula below
Oct 08: COACH PAGES link: link on right
Oct 08: WEIGHTS, body weight only link


Adam said...

First off I need to say, impressive race resume. Second, I intend to race at Leadville next year. I’ve been an endurance junkie for a while now but I have never tacked a 100 mtb race. I want to finish under 9 hours. Can you give me some advice on how to do that? How did you lay out your year, other than racing?

HEATH said...

Hey Idaho Adam, my e-mail is below in fuel calcualator post. E-mail me any questions. Leadville. Read my 2006 & 2007 posts about my leadville experiences. There I share some training and race details.